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A missing tooth can cause you to hide your smile, but Poston Dental is here to help change that. As a trusted practice for restorative dentistry services in Savannah, Georgia, we are proud to provide top-notch care for patients who need dental bridges to restore their oral health and improve the appearance of their smile. We prioritize patient comfort and believe in making high-quality treatment as convenient and affordable as possible, ensuring that you have everything you need to feel good about the care you receive from our team.

How a Dental Bridges Can Restore Your Smiled & Confidence

Dental bridges are used to fill a gap created by one or more missing teeth—thus creating a “bridge” between them. Made up of two crowns on either side of this gap and a false tooth in between, a bridge is supported by the natural teeth or implants around it. There are many benefits to this type of restorative treatment, including:

  • A natural appearance that seamlessly transitions with the rest of your teeth
  • Restored dental function, which can lead to improved speech and chewing capabilities
  • Reduced risk of the surrounding teeth shifting into the gap
  • A long lifespan of the bridge, depending on the type used and level of aftercare

There are many different types of dental bridges, which your dentist can discuss with you before making a final recommendation. The false teeth themselves—called pontics—can be made from durable materials like gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination. The procedure of having a bridge placed will involve a number of steps as your dentist will need to send impressions of your teeth to a lab to have your custom bridges created, but your dentist will explain everything to you before beginning treatment.  

Your Local Source for Dental Bridges & Restorative Treatment

If you’re ready to feel proud of your smile, it’s time to turn to the team at Poston Dental for your restorative dental care. We’re always ready to help more patients join the Poston Dental family, so get in touch today to discuss if dental bridges are a good option for you. We’d be happy to tell you more and to schedule your first visit to our Savannah, GA, practice.

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"Recently moved here and needed to find a new dentist and after my first visit, I am very happy with what I found. Not to go unnoticed Marie at the front desk was very friendly and welcoming. Thanks to everyone for your service and family-like atmosphere!"

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"Dr. Poston and his staff have always been attentive to my problems and he takes time to explain what is needed. Very qualified Dentist. Highly recommended."

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"I've been going to Postal Dental for the past few years now and have had a great experience every time. Dr. Poston is honest and does great work. Highly recommend this office!!"

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