Protect Your Oral Health With Fluoride Treatment in Savannah, GA

At Poston Dental, we treat our patients like family. We know that not everyone feels comfortable coming to the dentist, but we strive to change that by creating a comfortable environment where our patients feel safe and understood. We’re dedicated to providing the people we serve with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve and maintain good oral health, both when they’re in our office and in their own homes. That’s why we offer fluoride treatment at our Savannah, Georgia, dental practice, as this service is fast, easy, and effective at preventing common dental problems.  

Making Fluoride Treatment Easy & Affordable

Fluoride is a mineral that naturally occurs in water and many foods, but it is also used in dentistry to prevent cavities and strengthen teeth. Fluoride provides benefits for children and adults alike, as it can help to protect against tooth decay, gum disease, dry mouth, and other common issues. While there are everyday products—like toothpaste and mouthwash—that contain fluoride, even using these every day doesn’t quite provide the same benefits as professional fluoride treatments. At-home products don’t contain as high a concentration of fluoride as what you’ll find at the dentist, but that isn’t the only reason to seek professional care from a reliable practice like Poston Dental. That’s because your dentist can also:

  • Examine the health of your teeth and see if fluoride treatment is a good option
  • Use the appropriate amount of fluoride for your age and the state of your teeth
  • Apply a special fluoride foam, varnish, or gel to your teeth to make sure the treatment is effective
  • Recommend additional fluoride-containing products for you to use in your regular routine

Treatment is fast and simple, which is why it is often recommended during your annual dental checkup. Poston Dental also makes it affordable by offering a convenient membership plan, which helps more of our patients to pay for the dental services they need.  

Here for All Your Fluoride Treatment & General Dentistry Needs

Are you ready to join the Poston Dental family? Discover why so many residents of the Savannah, GA, area trust us for their dental care needs by contacting our team today. We’d be happy to tell you more about the fluoride treatment services we offer and to schedule your new patient examination.  

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"Recently moved here and needed to find a new dentist and after my first visit, I am very happy with what I found. Not to go unnoticed Marie at the front desk was very friendly and welcoming. Thanks to everyone for your service and family-like atmosphere!"

Nort U.

Tampa, FL

"Dr. Poston and his staff have always been attentive to my problems and he takes time to explain what is needed. Very qualified Dentist. Highly recommended."

M. Holland

Tampa, FL

"I've been going to Postal Dental for the past few years now and have had a great experience every time. Dr. Poston is honest and does great work. Highly recommend this office!!"

Lucy L.

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